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My name is Janeth Schmidt and my interest in Feng Shui started several years ago, so I started studying with the best teachers I found in South America, Europe and Asia. Today I have Master Certification in the four Schools of Classical Feng Shui, Organization of Spaces and Reading of Natal Chart. My training is constant, as is practice, which I find fascinating.

  • Expert in the School of Forms

  • Expert in the Compass School (Xuan Kong and Bazhai)

  • Expert in the Bagua School

  • Expert in the Ming Gua School

  • Expert in Organization of Spaces

  • Natal Chart Reading

My mission is to make this wisdom known, help many people and thus create a better world together.

How do we work online?

In the past you had to go to the houses to take the measurements but now with technology we do not need to travel to be able to do a good Feng Shui project and obtain good results. With the help of GPS, photos, videos, plans and thanks to technology, projects for houses, apartments and businesses can be made in all parts of the world.

What do we need to start your project?

  • We need the plane of the space to be studied.

  • Take measurements with GPS to obtain the orientations and coordinates of space.

  • Year of construction of the house, reform or start of activity in the premises.

With all this and applying the 4 schools of classical Feng Shui we begin to analyze the house, apartment or business. We balance the energies and we can decide on the plane where to put everything. How to distribute the furniture, what colors, shapes and colors to use.

"Sometimes by not knowing where the good energies are, the same people can be blocking their well-being and prosperity"

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