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What is Feng Shui?

It is a science that mainly does is observe and study the energy of environments and spaces. It balances the energies and harmonizes the elements of nature so that they positively affect the people who are using them.

This wonderful oriental science was kept secret for many years, its benefits were dedicated only to the Emperor, thus achieving more abundance, wealth and health.

Feng Shui is not based on superstitions, much less on magical rituals, it is not a decoration style, it is a study that is made of the environments with plans, compass, colors, measurements, mathematical calculations and furniture distribution.


Everything that surrounds us is energy and affects us

How can it help you in your home or business?

In the houses:

  • Helps improve health

  • Improves the relationship between the couple and the family

  • Boost career achievement

  • Create balance and well-being in your life

  • Improves well-being and prosperity

  • Eliminate energy blockages

In Companies:

  • Help with the entry of money

  • Harmonize the sales area

  • Improve productivity

  • Improve human relationships

The Schools I apply:

In Classical Feng Shui there are four Schools, they are four different techniques. I work by uniting all the schools in my projects , so it gives me much more information about the spaces and I can give more accurate solutions, help my clients in better shape and obtain successful results.

  1. School of Forms
    It is the one that tells us how we are going to distribute the furniture so that people are happy within that house, apartment or business. Also with this school we observe the exteriors and see what forms we have that may be affecting us.

  2. The Compass Schools:
    Xuan Kong School

    The static and dynamic energy that enters us through the doors and windows is studied to know if we let it in or if we close it. It also tells us if a place or company is potentially active for a certain activity or if it is not.
    Bazhai schools
    It tells us what good areas and what bad areas are inside the house or premises

  3. Bagua School
    It tells us how to activate the 8 aspirations of every human being within the home or company. We can activate health, love, family relationships, work, travel, career, wisdom and fame

  4. Ming Gua schools
    It is the analysis of the people who are using these spaces, we study the energy of the spaces and compare it with the energy of the people, it is very important because the decorative options are taken based on the people who use the space. Analyze which are their good orientations, the bad orientations. Because it connects better with different people and this school will tell us which are the best materials, colors and shapes to use in each space to activate it positively or neutralize it if it is negative.





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